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XR 1 - High fidelity, ultra-low latency XR Headset


VR-1 - The Only Human-Eye Resolution VR Headset


What does Varjo offer?

 Varjo designs VR and XR headsets specifically for those working in and developing solutions for complex industries that require high resolution and ultra low latency.

They offer the only VR devices with human-eye resolution, so if your use case demands the highest visual fidelity, their solution provides the best experience currently available.

Varjo’s VR-1 is a headset that focuses on resolution, while the XR-1 takes this same resolution and adds in ultra-low latency mixed reality from two forward facing cameras so that you can bring the world around the user into the VR experience.

Varjo’s headsets are compatible with most popular professional 3D software tools, and also integrate advanced eye tracking technology.


Who is this product for?

Product designers, architects, pilots and engineers that need lifelike simulations for complex design, training or review processes.

The Mace VL opinion - Why does it matter?

For specific VR applications that require lifelike resolution (such as many advanced mechanical design, training, and simulation use cases), Varjo has a unique user experience that delivers the fidelity needed for experiencing truly high-resolution VR.

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