Mace Virtual Labs AWE Recap

Announcements and trends from this year’s industry conference

Our team just returned from AWE 2019 - the 10th Anniversary of the essential AR/VR conference.  It’s always rewarding to experience the rapid developments in the extended reality industry first-hand, and to socialize with other technology leaders and companies finding innovative ways to apply immersive technology to the real world.   In this article, we showcase a few of the key announcements and findings our team noted at the show.


Announcement: Varjo XR-1

Varjo introduced a new mixed reality headset - the XR-1 - that builds upon the “human-eye” retina resolution the company debuted in their VR-1 headset, but ads dual 12 megapixel outer cameras to pass video of the real world into VR.  This is done at the same high resolution of the VR-1, and at incredibly low latency. The technology is already in use with Volvo, and the headset is available for purchase later this year. We’re proud to represent Varjo as a reseller partner, and are available to answer questions about the capabilities of and possibilities with the XR-1.

Trends: High-tech tools for technicians

Porsche had one of the most interesting real world applications of XR technology at the show They use computerized eyewear and AR software to allow experts from their facilities to remotely see what service technicians are looking at, and provide feedback while that technician works - all hands free.  This has led to faster resolution of issues, and higher service quality, which is what customers expect from a brand like Porsche.

Content: Teslasuit

Teslasuit makes a state-of-the-art suit with haptic and biometric feedback for enterprise AR/VR training, bridging the gap between purely visual training and real life sensation simulation.  At the show, they released a new video showcasing potential industry training scenarios where Teslasuit combined with VR technology can improve immersive training.

Are you curious about how the XR technology might be able to impact your business?  We’re constantly working on integrated, turnkey solutions for clients of all kinds, and pride ourselves on being the leader in building commercial VR/AR solutions.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation call!

Chad Modad