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Virtuix Omni
The Virtuix Omni is an omnidirectional treadmill motion simulator for virtual reality.  

What does Virtuix offer?

Virtuix builds 360 degree motion platforms (advanced treadmills) specifically for virtual reality games and training programs.  

Their specially designed platforms simulate both the motion of walking and running in all directions with a compact design that takes up minimal floor space.

The Omni not only enables a more immersive experience, it also offers the user the ability to conduct comprehensive training in a small space, useful for both complex training and complex environments— like keeping staff fresh while on a ship at sea or an oil rig or a nuclear power plant.

The Omni is a popular, field-proven platform, with 3,000 units shipped worldwide, and repeat use in 500+ commercial locations.


Who is this product for?

Entertainment centers, military and government applications, and any VR entertainment or training experience where realistic travel over ground larger than a few feet in either direction is needed.

The Mace VL opinion - Why does it matter?

In order for VR training to be realistic and immersive, the element of motion is critical.  Virtuix offers the only treadmill that is proven to be functional and reliable in entertainment, enterprise, military, and research environments (and we’ve tested much if not all of the options available on the market). The Virtuix Omni realistically lets users walk and run, with solid mechanics, well-built tech, and a great user experience.

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