Developer's Pack

Developer's Pack


Thinking of developing content for the nearly 3,000 deployed Omnis world-wide? This developer station will give you everything you need to get started.

  • 1 Omni Virtuix Station (configured for development mode)

  • 1 Developer's Accessory Package ( 1 Harness, 1 Pair of overshoes in Small, Medium, or Large)

  • 1 VR Boom (manages wire of the HTC head-mounted display)

  • 1 VR Rack (holds keyboard, mouse, and VIVE wands)

  • Access to Software Developers Kit (supporting Unity and Unreal Engine)

  • Shipping not included

Note: Assumes you already have a VR Ready PC that meets minimum specifications for CPU, GPU, Memory, and Hard Disk. Also assumes you have a HTC VIVE. (

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