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Rocker Racing

VR motion chair for driving, with optional steering wheel and pedals for a truly immersive driving experience.

What does BMotion Technology offer?

Bmotion offers a suite of seated options for motion simulation with multiple degrees of freedom to complement other VR hardware. They range from individual seats to 4 seat multiplayer turnkey cells to racing setups with a steering wheel and pedals.


Who is this product for?

Entertainment centers, military and government applications, and any VR entertainment or training experience where driving or being seated either individually or as part of a team is part of the desired experience.

The Mace VL opinion - Why does it matter?

In order for VR training to be realistic and immersive, the element of seated motion is just as important as being able to walk, jog, or run. While there are several seated VR hardware options, we carry Bmotion products because they are easy to set up, use, and maintain and because they are truly commercial grade in terms of durability and reliability compared to other available options. Bmotion also differentiates itself with little to no motion sickness, sound vibrations, and the ability to customize for more options than just ground vehicles like boats or aircraft.

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