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Bebop Forte

The Bebop Forte data glove is an AR/VR glove with haptic feedback to allow for hand stimulation and interaction in training and gaming scenarios.

The Forte Data Glove is a high-performance AR/VR glove with haptic feedback that can communicate over USB or Bluetooth. The Enterprise Edition has been designed to help partners quickly roll out glove interaction and training solutions to meet their unique needs across various industries and use cases. BeBop’s robust SDK, documentation and API means that developers can start building and rolling out immersive and interactive applications that take advantage of the full-feature set of the glove.

What does Bebop offer?

Bebop makes smart fabric sensing platforms to help enhance and bring subtle touch interactions to enterprise AR and VR.

The Forte communicates over USB or Bluetooth and the Enterprise Edition has an SDK, documentation and API for developers to build immersive, interactive applications that take advantage of the full-feature set of the glove.

The glove has 6 custom non-resonant actuators in the fingertips and palm, for precise control over the tactile response and feedback of the glove. The actuators have a 4+ octave response that can be triggered individually or together at different velocities to convey rich, realistic textures and unique physical sensations.


Who is this product for?

Training applications that require fine motor control, or need to integrate feedback and sensation of the hands.

The Mace VL opinion - Why does it matter?

For many enterprise training applications, especially those that require complex motion and interaction with hands and the VR/AR environment, the presence of touch is critical for a realistic learning experience.

With the Forte, Bebop provides the most refined experience of touch available today for AR/VR, and an actionable developer platform to integrate and improve the experience.

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